Poise + Performance | Discipline: Evolving my eating to impact my performance

When you mention the words Poise, Perseverance, Discipline and Performance, you are literally speaking to DNA of Puerto Rican Sprinter, Antoinette, "Toni" Padilla. We asked her about one element of her regimen that she has evolved to hone her craft, healthy eating, and got a few practical tips we call can employ.


So you are emphasizing eating healthy in your professional as well as athletic life. Have you always had these habits?

Eating Clean and staying lean requires discipline and a lifestyle change. I was not sure in my college life what it really meant to eat healthy, but I started eating better after college and have now mastered it through my pro career. Your body is an engine and you can't use cheap gas. If you do, your engine will not run properly.

I remember in college eating Ramen noodles. I look at the package now, sheesh what was I thinking;! wow that's a lot of salt!

fitness strong woman Antoinette Padila lifting weights

How have you changed your eating habits?

These days, I eat five small meals a day. I drink one gallon of water a day. The meals are 2-3 hours apart. I notice I have more energy. I pick fresh foods and prefer to cook most of my food instead of eating processed foods. I grill foods in coconut oil olive oil. I use sea salt over regular salt.

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Do you ever take a day off?

I have one cheat day a week. I only eat fruits. No sweets...they are my weakness! I have learned to appreciate the good natural sugars. I don't have to swallow tons of vitamins. I get them from fruits and veggies.

How do you feel improving your eating habits have impacted your performance on the track?

What you eat and consume makes a difference in how my body feels. I notice that I feel a lot better and recover better from workouts eating clean. Eating clean continues to change my life. I do live a little, but eating for performance is key as an elite athlete.