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Sometimes the challenges of life provide inspiration for our purpose and passion. Master Trainer, Casaundra Bouldin draws on the challenges of diabetes and dementia to motivate her passion for inspiring higher wellness in the community.

Personal Trainer and Wellness Expert, Casaundra Bouldin

Trainer and Wellness Expert, Casaundra Bouldin

So how did you get into fitness? Were you always inspired for a career in wellness or was it from your own athletic background?

From childhood, I was always physically active, whether I was in sports or just participating in recreational activities. Growing up, I was in and out of several sports, such as tennis, basketball and swimming, but the one I stuck with was track, for 11 years.

Since about 5 years old, I had a desire to be in health care, though I jumped around with different fields. By high school, I landed on a career focus in the Sports Medicine field, which became my study track. I then graduated college with a degree in Kinesiology, with the thought of becoming an Athletic Trainer. While in college, I obtained my license for Personal Training, which became a major starting point for the fitness endeavors I’m involved with today.

What's the spirit behind the name Higher Powered?

I came up with Higher Power Fitness while creating my first business plan for a fitness and wellness sportsplex. The idea is to take fitness to a higher level than just "working out".

I want people to be able to train their bodies based on the area of life they are in, whether it's to promote a better health lifestyle, sports performance, etc. Also, I want to teach the importance and relationship between physical health and mental health. There are many benefits of exercise on cognitive function, at the same time, your mental