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Poise + Performance | Quintaveon Poole

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Introducing the inspired quarter miler, Quintaveon Poole as he chases his potential toward Tokyo 2021!

Kind Butler at 2014 World Championship

Sprinter, Quintaveon Poole


What inspires you?

What inspires me is I wanna take care of my family.

How is family support important to the athlete?

My family support is great physically and mentally.

What is your current goal for the season? Have you had to make sacrifices to pursue your goals?

My current goal is to make the Olympic team and make the indoor world team. Over the years I have sacrificed a lot. I stop hanging out with people that didn't have my best interest. I sacrificed my fried chicken to eat a healthier diet.

Quin Poole puts in the work on and off the track to achieve his goals!

What is the most significant challenge you face in achieving your goal?

Having the support others have.

Quintaveon Poole

From a technique or ability aspect, what are the main challenges you have to address to reach your goal of running 44 low in the 400? What adjustments to your training are you making to get there?

I'm working to get a stronger base and the rest will come because I already have the speed.

My approach to recovery is to be able to come back the next to train even harder

Can you share a few words of advice for other athletes who are working hard to persevere?

Never give up on your dreams even when it becomes hard.


Support Quintaveon in his quest for TOKYO 2021!

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