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Poise + Performance | Football Athlete & Coach, Joe Martin

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Football Player Joe Martin is determined to reach his goals and in the meantime using his gifts and passion for youth to help the next generation of stars reach their dreams.

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Football Athlete and Athletic Coach, Joe Martin

So next to Track, Football is hands down my favorite sport...though I'm of course more of a spectator! What does Football mean to you?

Football is a major part of my life. I have always been in love with the sport and will be around it for the rest of my life. It is a sport that brings all cultures, and personalities together as a team. I could talk about it for 100 plus pages so i'll just leave it at that.


Just in! Joe Martin just made a major career milestone and has signed with the Columbus Lions Arena Football Team! What drives Joe! A promise he made to his Mom years ago: “I will not stop until I buy my mom that house I promised her. I also asked Joe how he'll be seeking to contribute to the Lions: "I plan to contribute leading by example all the way to the championship, that’s the only thing I know. HARD WORK ‼️"


What was one of my most treasured highlights of my career?

I have so many memorable plays that I could pick but when it comes down to it I have to choose the play where I got an interception against Eastern Washington University. I will never forget it because I had tons of family and friends there watching the game since I am from Washington. Going to school in Idaho, they did not get to see me play very much, so to be able to make a big play in front of all them in my home state was amazing. Shout out to Idaho State Football Bengals!

Highlights from Joe Martin at Idaho State!

What is your personal goal in the sport?

I am currently still working my butt off to make it to the professional level. I have been very close so I will not give up yet. I know I will make it, this is just all going to be part of my story.

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What major challenge do you face in reaching your goal and how will you overcome it?

The major challenge is COVID. I had a few tryouts with some professional teams lined up before the country was shut down. Now all the sports teams are barely even playing and it is just slowing up the whole process. But I hate making excuses so I don’t even try to worry about all that, I overcome it by just staying ready for my opportunity. I am ready right now.

"The only thing you can control is your attitude and your effort." ~ Joe Martin

What separates you from the next man in your position? Why should you be signed?

Main thing that separates me from everyone else in my position and even the team is my work ethic and effort. My energy is contagious! All they need to do is give me a shot and they will see. I NEED to be signed because I am all about proving it. I am tired of talking. Let me just show you!