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iON Featured Athlete: Billy "Rhino" Petrincyzk| Strongman| Charging Forward

This month we are hyped to feature a Man of Steel, Strongman Billy Petrincyzk! Billy competes as a Disabled Strongman at events none other than the Arnold Classic! Check him out and follow his story!

~ A.D.

Billy Petrincyzk Disabled Strongman

Strongman, Billy Petricynzk

What inspires you?

Knowing that everyday is a day that I can improve and in doing so help pass on my 20+ years of training knowledge.

What are your athletic goals for this season?

My goal is to Place in the Top 3 in the seated category at the Arnold Classic Disabled Strongman as well as any other competitions i choice to compete in.

What is the most challenging thing you face as you strive toward your goal?

The most challenging goal is transporting my self back and forth to training. The other challenge is figuring out how train Strongman events which are ever changing in standard settings.

Strongman Billy P

What is a technical aspect of your sport you are focusing on or have previously improved?

I choose to focus on improving my overall athleticism and grip strength. The grip strength is a weak point because of some periferal nerve issues.

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What is your approach to Recovery?

Recovery is definitely at the top of my list since becoming disabled. Physical Therapy and weight training puts significant stress and damage to the central nervious system.

disabled strongman Billy the Rhino Petrynczyk at Arnold Classic

So using Ion soaks post heavy training and definitely pre and post competition is a must because of the extra mineral absorption. I also utilize Kabuki Strenght System mobility and stretching along with Donny Thompson body tempering to help recover from PT so I train in the gym. Mobility tools like accumobilty and PVC rollers are a must

What might you say to inspire other athletes?

Millimeters before miles. Everything starts with the smallest movement or change. It's your job to nurture and tend to this to achieve goals and gains.

Disabled Strongman Billy the Rhino Petrinczyk at Arnold Classic

Billy above actually achieving one of his goals getting 2nd Place in the 1 Arm Dumbell Medly and 5th Overall in the 2018 Arnold Classic!

Bro! How did you get the nickname Rhino??

When I first got hurt, my brother and mom called me Rhino because I was crashing into everything trying to walk, also because of my attitude of charging forward and taking all my new challenges head on and never looking back! last thing...what's cool about iON?

Ion is pure athlete created and drive recovery. Ion is paramount to my contest ritual. Soaking before and after has decreased my incidents of cramping and has defiantly helped me recover faster after each event. A 12hour day of events its a definite advantage.

Disabled Strongman Billy Petrinczyk

Follow the Rhino!!


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