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Poise + Performance: Celine Haga. Overcoming Demons and Snatching her Potential

Updated: May 16, 2021

MMA Fighter, Celine Haga joins us in her lead up to her first return to the cage in over a year! Overcoming physical and emotional challenges to claim her potential.

What Inspires You? The thought of living up to my full potential as a fighter, as a person inside and outside the cage.

My losses inspire me to do better and prove to those who doubted me that they were wrong

but even more important : my love and passion for the sport, my teammates , my coaches are what that inspire me the most.

What is your current season goal?

To win my fight may 22, and hopefully get another fight mid-June and do it all over again!

What is the most significant challenge you face in achieving your goal?

The mental aspect of the game is the biggest challenge. I've been in some wars with myself but as I gotten older and gotten more experience. I've learned to be in control of my emotions and tamed some of my inner demons

What is a technical aspect of your sport you are focusing on or have previously improved?

To blend the different aspects of MMA. To mix up my striking with my wrestling and vice versa.

"Enjoy the journey! Focus on effort not the result"

~ Celine Haga

How did you come up with the tag "Violent by Design?

Violent By Design is the name of a Jedi Mind Tricks album. It was one of my favorite albums back when I was a teenager, so when I started to fight and when I started MMA, I thought that Violent by Design explained the sport pretty well. It's mixed martial arts and we put together techniques, find creative ways that efficiently hurt other people.

What was the inspiration behind your logo?

The logo is inspired by Hello Kitty. As much as I try to convince people I'm not stereotypical Asian (after all I'm adopted and I did grow up in Norway!) I do have a thing for that cat! ...and my friend owns a clothing company, so we combined his logo (the mad face) with the cat!

Being Mental Health Month, can you share a specific tool or technique you use to help center your emotions?

Just accept the feelings that are there. I'm always nervous, but I know it's okay. I'm not going to pretend I'm not nervous when I am. Whatever I am feeling prepares me for the competition. I want to make friends with the feelings I am having, knowing that I'm the one who defines what they truly are. Emotions, good or bad, are a part of life, and I just decided that it's what makes us human and life would be boring without them.

What is your approach to Recovery?

Get enough sleep, stay hydrated, Epsom salt baths (iON Performance Recharge and Recover Soak is a lifesaver!) and lots of food.

Please share an inspirational word or pearl of advice for athletes who may view your feature!

Focus on your self growth and maturity in what ever sport you participate in. Give yourself credit  for progress but always be hungry to be better!

Samantha Dirks Track Athlete

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Care for your body like Celine!

I love ION because it helps me recover faster so I can train harder the next day. The soaks have a natural scent and feels refreshing. Being barefoot on the mats hours every day the foot soak have been helping with a lot of foot aches that I used to deal with. " Celine Haga


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