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iON Featured Athlete: Michelle Lee-Ahye| Sprinter | Belief, Trust & Faith

Have you ever had an occassion where you meet someone larger than life who you admire tremendously, but after the meeting you are even more inspired by their grace, sincerity and genuine spirit? This describes my appreciation of a young lady who is one of the greatest sprinters of our time...Michelle Lee-Ahye.

~ A.D.


Update! Michelle Lee-Ahye takes Silver in the 2019 Pan Am Games 100m!

Check out the race below!


Michelle Lee Ahye Olympian and Commonwealth Games Champion Sprinter

Sprinter, Michelle Lee-Ahye

What inspires you?

My Mom.. growing up she was all i had and up to this day she’s still by my side

What are your athletic goals for this season?

My current season goal is to remain healthy and to make the World Indoors Championship 60m final

Michelle lee-Ahye trinidad sprinter commonwealth games champion

What is a technical aspect of your sport you are focusing on or have previously improved?

The area that I’ve been focusing on and previously improved is my start and knowing how to generate that power to be explosive.

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iON Detox dubbed by Michelle as "The Good Stuff!" and one of her favorites!


What is your approach to Recovery?

Recovery is a big part of my routine after practice.. it helps relax and restore the muscles.. and Ion is the right for all of that

What might you say to inspire other athletes?

Always believe in yourself.. trust the process have faith and don’t ever let anyone bring you down or say you can’t....


Update: Michelle-Lee accomplished her goal and made the 2018 World Championships Final in Birmingham, UK! Watch the race below!

We also asked Michelle what she thought about her performance:

My world indoor championship 60m didn't go as I planned, but at the end of it all, I was happy with my results. 6th fastest woman in the world over 60m and ran a season best 7.13. I finished my indoor season healthy and injury free, ready for outdoor.

I have the commonwealth games coming up next. This will be my second time taking part in this games. My first one didn't go too well because I was injured really bad, but still ran, made the semis, but couldn't run the final. Going into my second Commonwealth games, my goal is to do better and hope to get a medal!

Another Update: Michelle-Lee's determination and faith paid off again as she not only did "better" but became the 2018 Commonwealth Games Champ!

michelle lee ahye trinidad flag olympian commonwealth games champion 100 meteres


We also asked Michelle's wife, Joil London-Ahye @mrskinglee10.6 for her take and she said...

What I admire most abbout Michelle-lee...her courage, strength, motivation and heart. I've seen several situations try to knock her down, but I've seen her get up 10x stronger than she was before. Her empathy for others, giving back, dedicating her free time to the youth are very inspiring for everyone around her and encourages them to do the same. Although no one has it all together, Michelle-lee is the one to put it all together. I tell her all the time, she's made me into a better person just by being who she is!

I admire how she does all the right things for her career, no shortcuts, and no half-stepping. Although it may be challenging, she always manages to regroup and try harder the next time. Realistically speaking, I admire that she is one of the Great one's left!


And by the way...what does Michelle-lee like about iON?

I love everything about Ion it really works for me my first time when i used Ion i woke up the next day refreshed and ready to go... Ion has

michelle lee ahye ion performance sprinter happy

also help me recovery faster from the flu/cold and also helped me train better than i ever did before.. Ion is a wonderful product for Athletes

michelle lee ahye champion sprinter trinidad

Follow Michelle Lee!

twitter: Lee Ahye


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