Marine Turned Motivator. Coach Diontae Trawick empowers youth with poise, performance and character.


This week we proudly highlight the inspired Coach Diontae Trawick of IProvide Fitness. Coach "Tra" has a dynamic passion for training youth athletes and seeing them strive toward their goals. A retired Marine, he shares how he leverages his experience and gifts to empower young people for success.

Coach Trae of I Provide Fitness

Coach Diontae Trawick of IProvide Fitness

What motivated you to pursue a career in fitness after such an amazing career in the military? While in the military I was the happiest when I was running physical training or doing martial arts training. That carried over into youth sports the first time I coached. The minute I had a kid look at me and say "thanks coach" that was it I was hooked. Seeing people improve and being a part of that process is so rewarding, to have both parents and kids get excited when they see you at the store or something is a feeling I can't explain. What is the toughest challenge you face in helping your clients meet your goals? How do you overcome this challenge? The toughest challenge for me would be my pace. It's a very fine line between being too intense and not intense enough. That part is from the military, I have fun but I am very demanding so keeping the client motivated through "the suck" is the biggest challenge. I try to be very encouraging throughout the workouts, and when I see my client getting to that point of "I can't do this anymore" I remind them that it's in those moments we make the biggest strides. At my workouts you will hear me say "4th qtr" all the time I tell them we need you, the team needs you. I want them to understand they're not alone and to push. How much do you draw on your military experience in helping your clients? A LOT!!! In the military we had to endure a lot of pain and exhaustion and had no option to quit we couldn't whether we wanted to or not. As a Drill Instructor I have seen kids grow so much in such a small period of time so I know it's possible. Those images and memories are what keeps me pushing the clients even when they think they can't go anymore. I want them to get that feeling of no quit no matter what, I want them to own it.

Marine Diontae Trawick

What sets you apart from other trainers and coaches? LOVE!!! I love my clients I don't want to be a guy who trains, I want to be COACH TRA. I want to see the kids excited when they see me out in town, I want the kids to bug their parents about getting workouts in. I want every client to know I care about them, truly care about their improvement and their well being. For the adults I want them to feel the same way I want them to be worked hard, be tired, be sore, but love every minute of it because they know we're in it together.

Marine and Coach Diontae Trawick

How would you like to see the coaching/ training industry improve...or how could it evolve? LOVE!! I say this again because too many trainers are out there strictly for monetary reasons if a client didn't like the workout they couldn't care less. Coaches try to relive their glory days, and don't really care about the kids they coach. If more people that truly care step up and coach and show these kids that they're not too young, that we believe in them and to keep pushing you will see a major difference. Not just in the athlete either but in the community because positivity spreads we just can't be afraid to put it out there and not let the negative people detour us.