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Poise + Performance | Perseverance. Sprinter Kind Butler knows no other approach

Kind Butler at 2014 World Championship

Sprinter, Kind Butler

Kind Butler is a sprinter for whom I hold admiration and pride not only because he hails from two my own alma mater, Indiana's track powerhouse, Lawrence Central H.S. and Indiana University, but he's one of those "self-made" athletes who may have started later in the sport but through determination made great strides toward his potential and among many achievements, was on a world record setting 4x400 Indoor Relay USA team along side greats David Verburg, Kyle Clemons, and Calvin Smith Jr.


What inspires you?

I made a promise, and I won't go back on my word, even if it kills me.

What is your current goal for the season?

Gold in the 200 at the World Championship!

What is the most significant challenge you face in achieving your goal?

Making sure my foot stays healthy.

What happened to your foot?

In 2017, I was running fast 300’s in preparation of the USA Championships. I hit another gear in the final turn of the 300, I heard my foot pop, and fell to the ground. My plantar fascia tore in half.

Was it as hard for you to recover mentally or emotionally as it was physically?

Recovering physically was the easy part. But recovering mentally was hard. Imagine being able to fly your whole life, then one day one of your wings were destroyed. Not being able to walk, run and train effected me severely. I was lost for a year.

Have you had to modify your training approach considering your recovery with your foot as well as your training goals?

When I first started to run again, my training consisted of a lot of grass runs, soft turf and treadmills. I had to strengthen my foot before I was able to run on a hard surface again. Once I was able to run on harder surface, I was not able to train every day, but I did do PT. After a year of recovery, I was finally able to run on hard surface, but my training changed. I had to strengthen my body and hit the weight room every day to get my strength back.

What is a technical aspect of your sport you are focusing on or have previously improved?

Speed development ! Training consists of getting to top speed quicker and maintaining that speed over the course of the race. consists of a lot I'm doing a lot of plyos, speed endurance running, and weight room every day.

What is your approach to Recovery?

Everyday I ice my feet and use your iON recovery salt baths

Can you share a few word of advice for other athletes who are working hard to persevere?

When my powers were taken from me, I lost it all. Not being able to even walk was the hardest part, but through sheer determination and heart, I've managed to not only run, but compete!


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