Poise + Performance | Emerging athlete launches her track career at 78, coached by her 71yo baby sis

Senior Athletics USATF Alabama Mable Sager and Christine Davis

Rookie Sprinter, Mable Sager and her Coach Christine!

The New Year is full of resolutions to pursue new challenges. How about launching an athletics career at 78?? My beloved "Auntie", Mable Sager did just that launching her track and field career this year coached by my All-American sprinting Mom, Christine Davis.

My Mom wrote the article below about her best friend, sister and athlete! ~ anthony davis


Mable Sager, a 78 year old resident of Prattville, Ala. participated in the Emerging Elite Athlete Track and Field Invitational competition in Oxford, Alabama on December 1, 2018. For over 4 months, Mrs. Sager has been training at the track at Prattville Junior High School, formerly North Highland High School. Chris Davis, Mrs. Sager’s Coach and Sister has been working with her and several other Autauga County residents to promote their general health and well being through physical activity.

In August 2018, Christine started the Prattville Walkers group using the Go4Life Exercise and Physical Activity guidelines approved by the National Institute on Aging. Through weekly training sessions, Ms. Davis stressed the importance of regular exercise and physical activity to improve overall physical and mental health. According to the National Institute on Aging, the benefits of regular exercise indicate that it is an effective treatment for many chronic conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, balance problems and difficulty walking .

Senior Athletes USATF Christine Davis and Mable Sager

Speedy Siblings, Christine and Mable proud of their Gold!


Several months ago, Mable Sager realized she needed to include physical activity in her lifestyle regime. Using the Go4life guide, Ms. Sager gradually incorporated endurance, strength, balance and flexibility exercises in her daily routine. After several months of training, Mrs. Sager decided to test her performance at a higher level and registered to compete in the 60 meter track event sponsored by the Emerging Elite Athlete.