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iON Featured Athlete: Hunter Heaton | Athletics | Encouraging Belief.

Ashalnd University Runner Hunter Heaton

Racer and Motivator Hunter Heaton

This month we continue our series of highlighting inspiring athletes with a chat from mid and distance runner, Hunter Heaton of Ashland University who has grown from his own experiences of overcoming self-doubt to inspire youth to achieve their potential.

What inspires you?

I want to inspire people through what I have overcame. I wish for a person to look at me and say, because of you, I did not give up.

So you are also a Leadership Coach, love your messages! Can you share what inspired you to pursue encouraging others?

Prior to becoming a researcher, personal development coach and educational consultant, I was an At-Risk Youth. Being labeled “learning disabled” while in the third grade, I battled overcoming labels and was only .8% of students to go onto college. Once I graduated from Oklahoma, I made it my life purpose to help as many students as possible realize their potential, graduate from high school and go onto college.

Motivational Coach Hunter Heaton

"Rewards come in Action, not in Discussion." - Hunter Heaton, M. Ed.

What type of work do you do?

I transform at-risk youth ages (4-19) from a statistic to a success story in 20 days--realigning their thoughts to create balance between their habits & what they desire.

Ok now back to Track! What are your athletic goals for this season?

Make the indoor USATF Championships and next year qualify for the 2020 Olympic Trials.

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What is the most significant challenge you face in achieving your goal?

A mental block that I am trying to work on. I have a mental block of not seeing results right away when it seems like everyone around you is reaching their goals and running fast. You have to trust the process and be even more driven each day to wake up and realize you are training in your dreams right now, you just don't realize it until you look back. Seize every training day because it can be taken away even quicker than it came. Once that is cleared believe that I can run with anyone in the World.

Coach Hunter seeks to motivate and inspire!

What approaches have you taken to overcome the mental challenges?

Going to see a sport psychologist. Having him help me dig deep within myself and discovering ways on how to improve my running times..also reading certain books and applying them to my life. I set a goal for myself about 12 weeks ago that I was going to read one book a week. But it is not enough to just read them to say "I read one book a week." You have to apply them. I have been taking everything in like a sponge and digging as far as I can into myself to see the gaps, where I need improvement and to see where I am NOT, just not where I am.

What is your approach to Recovery?

Recovery, for me, is almost more important than anything else. Anyone can go out and hit a certain time in a workout, but many athletes think that it ends when they leave the track, gym, or court. If you do not put 100% into recovery as you do at your craft, then what is it all for?

What might you say to inspire other athletes?

Keep going. You're about to meet the reason why you couldn't settle.

What do you like about iON?

It is such a unique recovery product. I have never seen anything like it. It takes recovery to a new level. On top of that, I am a vegan athlete, so I am extremely picky on what I consume and use. And this fits right in!

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