iON Featured Athlete: Kris Gonzalez | Fitness Pro | In Search of her Best

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

This month we were excited to have a chat with Fitness Pro, Kris Gonzalez, aka @kris_kfit She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their potential as well as reaching her own!


Personal Fitness Trainer Kris Claborn

Kris Claborn


How did you get start your career as a fitness professional? Was it your experience in other sports or an interest in fitness or...?

I played sports all my life and decided to pursue soccer in college. I received a scholarship to a private catholic university and I was full of excitement!

After my freshman year I started to prioritize my social life and lose focus on what was important. As a result, I gained a lot of weight and my confidence and passion slowly disappeared. I decided to change my life around my Jr. year and I found an amazing trainer, Aaron Edwards, who helped me find my passion for fitness. I lost 15 pounds and 10% of body fat in 3 months, and I finished my college soccer career as the best season I’d ever had. Go Tigers! I also began to be mentored and intern for my trainer at the time.


Kris KFit does it for the Passion!


After college, I strived to pursue the next level, but the amount of time it demanded wasn’t suitable for me as I was newly married. I wanted to continue to train and stay in a team atmosphere so I started watching the group fitness classes at my gym. I thought “I could do that” So, I pursued it and surprisingly, it came naturally. I saw my class participants as my teammates and I wanted to help them be the best version of themselves. I saw a lot of what I USED to be in some of my clients and so I wanted to be to them, who I needed when I was younger.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by Dad who has 2 Masters degree and has always worked hard to provide for my family. He taught me to be a kind person who treats everyone like they are the CEO of a company, no matter what. He also taught me that my ethics are the foundation on which I represent and live by. My husband, who is a CPA and also, takes time to help me with my business. He is the heart of why I strive to be better everyday! My sister who is a single mom and does everything she can to provide for her family and still take care of herself. People who live a healthy life and lead by example. I always hear “I don’t have time”. We ALL have time and the people who choose to use their time wisely and THRIVE in life, inspire me.


Kris is now aiming to become Ms Oklahoma!