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iON Featured Athlete: Kierre Beckles | Sprinter | Be Outstanding!

Despite one's natural talents, sometimes it takes tapping into deeper qualities of faith, trust and self-determination to overcome challenges and achieve our goals. Our featured athlete Kierre "Buttercup Beckles embodies this spirit. An Olympian, and National Record Holder, Kierre faces her challenges with the phrase Be Bosen!

Kierre Beckles, Barbados Olympian and National Record Holder

Kierre Beckles

Barbados Olympian, National Record Holder

Kierre, what inspires you?

My inspiration come from children. Seeing young athletes have fun in my sport and the way they approach the sport with so much joy and happiness reminds me of why I fell in love with the sport. Just knowing that I inspire the youth and they see as someone they can come to for advise and aspire to be, make me feel like I have so much to prove to myself in my profession. I also have struggled with my medical conditions (epilepsy, neurally mediated syncope, asthma and anemia after iron deficiency ) and I push myself daily with the support of my family in Barbados, my coach James Daniels and his family, my friends and my support team (physiotherapy, massage therapist, chiropractor etc) knowing that I have achieved so much in life while battling these medically conditions on a daily basis.

Watch Kierre Beckles set the National Record at World Championships Beijing 2015

I have to ask...where did you get the nickname "Buttercup"? I love it!

One of my close friends from secondary school (high school) kept calling me buttercup everytime he saw me, so one day I asked him "why out of all nicknames you could have called me you chose buttercup?" He said I know you like cartoons and you watch the power puff girls and out of all of them you are more like Buttercup because you are a fighter. During that time I was battling with my epilepsy and track was the only thing keeping me positive.

" are more like Buttercup because you are a fighter. "

Powerpuff...gotta love it!

What are your athletic goals for this season?

My goals for the season are to continue to improve on my times in the 100m hurdles. Also looking to run more 100m and 200m this season, so I will be looking to lower all of my personal best this season. I also have NACAC Championships and CAC Games over the summer and I am looking to upgrade from my bronze medals in both meets. One of my biggest goals this season is trying to be Top 10 in world!

Barbados hurdler Kierre Beckles Rio 2016

Kierre Beckles at the Rio 2016 Olympics

What is the most significant challenge you face in achieving your goal?

This has been a challenge I have been having for years now and that is injuries. Last year I injured my groin and hamstring. This year I am looking to stay healthy throughout the season as i pursue my goals I have set out for myself. Like any other athlete I want to run fast every time I step on the track and make a great impact in the world scene. Sometimes I tend to not trust the program my coach has set out for me. In his mind the program is set up for me to peek at a specific time in the season and in my mind I want to peek and run fast at all my big meet during the season. My mentally and confidence drives me to reach my goal but it has also been my downfall. I try to stay as positive as I can and keep the negativity out even when I don't perform the way I would like to.

"Be BOSEN!" ~ Kierre Beckles

What is a technical aspect of your sport you are focusing on or have previously improved?

This season I am working on power, being explosive and speed. Over the last two years I have improved in all areas with minor setbacks. The worst part of my race is my start, hurdle one and two are very inconsistent, so I am definitely trying to make that better. Also have to continue to working on hurdling technique. With a different mindset and focus this season, I believe I can achieve the goals I have set out for myself this year.

"Buttercup" Beckles wins the AAB National Championship 2016

What is your approach to Recovery?

Recovery is very important part of bring athlete. I really dislike ice baths so I have turned to using Epsom salt, ION recharge soaks and hydrate with SOS Rehydrate.

What might you say to inspire other athletes?

Be BOSEN! BOSEN means Be Outstanding So Everyone Notice This is something I try to do every time I step on the track whether it is in practice or at a meet or in my daily life with anyone I interact with. I want people to remember who I am. I want to make and impact more than I want to impress others. Make that impact and keep striving for success, you are bond for greatness!


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