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iON Featured Athlete: Kristian Parrilla | Kick Boxer | Be Ready

Kristian Parrilla kickboxer

Kristian Parrilla

This month, we are proud to recognize one of Jersey's own, Kristian Parrilla! A passionate fighter who is pursuing a title through determination, readiness and a fighter's mentatlity.

What inspires you and why?

Family, and Friends. Nothing is more important than family and representing them and your friends in the best way possible is just as that inspires me to put all the work I can in.

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What are your athletic goals for this season?

Currently seeking to win the title at my next fight

What is the most significant challenge you face in achieving your goal?

Staying consistent

What is a technical aspect of your sport you are focusing on or have previously improved?

Footwork and Timing. My approach to footwork improevement has primarly been focused on shadowboxing and pad work training.

Kristian Parrilla in training

What is your approach to Recovery?

Clean eating and rest

What might you say to inspire other athletes?

If you focus on being ready for what you truly want and work hard to make sure you can maintain it, then without a doubt it will be yours. The opportunity to have everything you want in your hands presents itself inevitably... will you be ready for it!?

What do you like about iON?

My body felt great after soaking with the recovery salts. I was never a bath kind of guy but with the salts I really felt a difference. And after a couple hard sessions, its great to let your body relax and recover to its full potential!

kristian parilla kiclboxker

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kristian parrilla kickboxer

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