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Poise + Performance | Amanda Bowers, Pole Vaulter, Patient and Focused


Kind Butler at 2014 World Championship

Amanda Bowers, Pole Vaulter

What inspires you?

Knowing that other athletes are working their hardest everyday and when I start feeling lazy about my rehab or motivation to keep going  because if I don’t get up and get better someone else will.

How are you approaching staying fit and in shape during the Covid quarantine? 

During quarantine I am trying to get outside as much as possible! I am slowly getting back into my running program which is nice right now so I don't feel trapped inside all day! I am running hills, tons of jump roping, stair workouts in my house, quick DB workouts (I only have 15 lb DB's so that's been fun making up things to do) I am really just trying to be active everyday to keep my body in shape even if that's taking a rest day and walking my dogs a few miles around my neighborhood! 

Now that Tokyo 2020 has been postponed to 2021, are there any positives such as getting more time to prepare or work on your technique? 

My sights weren't set on Tokyo 2020 more like Paris 2024 so the Olympics being pushed back a year doesn't really affect me as much as some other athletes! I think that for those who were looking to compete this summer at the trials and the Olympic games are lucky to have another year to prepare and hopefully we will see a lot of world records next summer! 

What is the most significant challenge you face in achieving your goals?

Being Patient, I am not a patient person at all! I am always wanting to push myself and when   my body isn’t healthy enough to go 100% It is really hard not to over do it and do things that I shouldn’t be doing quite yet! Also seeing other people jumping and getting big numbers is hard because I want to be jumping with them instead of watching.

"Never take No as an answer! Keep working hard so you can prove the doubters wrong!" - Amanda Bowers

What is a technical aspect of your sport you are focusing on or have previously improved?

Be less mental standing at the back of the 

runway! In practice I sometimes take more than a minute to go on a full approach, (8-lefts), because I am telling myself what could all go  wrong instead of being more confident that my body knows what to do if I just stop thinking!

You mentioned mental focus when on the runway as one of your challenges. Do you use any other mental strengthening approaches such as meditation or visualization...? 

I try and visualize my approach before I get on the runway. everything leading up to the take off. I can never actually visualize myself going over the bar, usually when I try and visualize myself actually going over a bar I always see myself knock the bar down so I never visualize actually going over the bar! What helps me most is to remember ques for when to start accelerating and when to start the pole drop, this is what I was starting to work more on after college instead of having a visual que like a cone where I should start dropping my pole. We were trying to make it more of a consistent thing than to rely on a visual que! 

What is your approach to Recovery?

Take it day by day, I have really learned to listen to my

body now being out of college.  Right now I get a massage once a month and I never put off rolling out or icing. Take that extra 30 minutes to recover your body will thank you

Can you share a few word of advice for other athletes who are working hard to persevere?

Never take No as an answer! Keep working hard so you can prove the doubters wrong!

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