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As an athlete recovery is just as important as going hard in a training session. iON Performance has a special place in my recovery process.", Kimmi Williams, Olympian

iON Detox + Clean Kit

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Train Well this Season with our Detox + Clean Kit!

1 x 16 oz iON DETOX + COPE Bath Soak with beet root, zinc and rosemary

3 x 7 oz iON DETOX + COPE Travel Size Bath Soak

1 X 7oz iON Foot Soak Travel Size Bath

1 x iON CHARGE + SANITIZE Magnesium Sanitizing Body oil

1 x iON ACT Activated Charcoal Face Soap with shea, tea tree and walnut oil

This body detox bath soak includes zinc, beet root powder, eucalyptus, real aloe and rosemary oil for a stimulating, decongesting soak experience that willl help you cope when you have to perform when you're feeling under the weather.

iON's ACT post-training face soap is crafted with a unique blend of activated charcoal, tea tree essential oil and euclyptus to absorb and cleanse dirt and oil and a soothing walnut oil in a shea butter soap base for moisturizing

iON CHARGE + Sanitize Magnesium Spray with witch hazel, orange essential oil and aloe provides combines a muscle serving magnesium oil with antibacterial witch hazel and aromatic orange essential oil to help you feel clean, vibrant, charged and ready for the next set! 

Note: This product’s formulation follow’s the World Health Organization’s formulation ...which you could make yourself at the link below. It DOES NOT KILL COVID-19. https://www.who.int/gpsc/5may/Guide_to_Local_Production.pdf.

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