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We've all been there. You've had a great fitness routine going, but suddenly, you hit a slump and the last thing you want to do is work out. It happens to every one once in a while (even those of us who do this for a living!) So today, I put together a few tips that help me when I’m feeling especially unmotivated in sticking to my workout plan.

  1. Change up your routine. While routines can help us stay committed and keep our workouts on autopilot, sometimes, we need a change. Try temporarily moving your workout to a different time of day, or try a different style of workout. Remember that elite athletes have changes built into their training routines - do you?

  1. If you need a day off from a structured workout, take it. Are you physically tired? You may need to rest, and that's okay! Nap, or curl up on the couch with a book or TV show. It's important to give your body a break when you need it! Are you mentally or emotionally tired? You probably will still benefit from physical activity, but a long walk to clear your head and get some fresh air might be better for you than a workout today. Whichever it is, be patient and kind to yourself - tough love may work for coaches, but often, we tend to be harder on our self than we would to others, and negative self-talk when you’re already not feeling your best can work against you.

  2. Rediscover your why I know a lot of people say to remember your why when things get tough, but as life happens, your "why" might change. If your fitness routine is serving a purpose that doesn't matter to you in the way it used to, it may be time to rediscover a "why" - this might change the way you workout too, and that's okay!

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  1. Phone a friend. Make plans with a friend to go to a class together - or take a virtual class together at the same time. This gives you an accountability partner, and can help break through the lack of desire to work out by making the session double as a social experience.

4. Get curious. If I feel this way for a day or two in a row, no problem. I either rest, or try to mix things up to find a little extra motivation. But if it's happening more consistently, it's time to get curious. WHY are you suddenly over your workouts, and WHAT about them isn't serving you right now? By digging a little deeper, you can get back to a place where you look forward to your workouts again!



Erica Marcano, MS ATC, CSCS, also known as The Notorious ATC, is certified Athletic Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Specialist with 15 years of experience in her field. She currently coaches clients in person throughout Brooklyn & NYC, and due to recent events, now sees clients virtually as well. Learn more about Erica and her holistic fitness practice here. 


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