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Poise and Performance Sprinter Jasmine Todd launches her World Class Cosmetics Line

World Class Sprinter and Long Jumper, Jasmine Todd has recently leaped beyond her athletic pursuits to chase entrepreneurial dreams as well! Jasmine shares more about her passion behind her brand, BabyFlo Cosmetics!

BabyFlo Cosmetics by Jasmine Todd

As an amazing athlete, we know you have to follow a rigorous lifestyle and training schedule. How did you have time to launch a startup?

It has taken a long time and a lot of patience. This has been work in progress since November of 2017. I knew i wouldn’t be able to fully launch until the off season had came around, so I could give my full focus. So I chose to launch fully in 2018!

How did you come up with the name BabyFlo?

BabyFlo was a nickname given to me after making the World team in 2015. A lot of people said I remind them of Flo Jo and my aunt, Mercedez, calls me BabyFlo. Flo Jo also happens to be my favorite runner of all time because she taught us it was okay to be feminine on the track. So with the permission of Al Joyner I chose the name Baby Flo.

Model and Athlete Jasmine Todd Olympian

BabyFlo Cosmetics

“Where Beauty Cosmetics Meets Sports, Everyday Life & A Hint Of Fierce!”


Jasmine Todd showcases her own BabyFlo Cosmetics Line


What do you love most about your products?

What I love most about my products is that they are my products! To think that this is something I’be worked on coming to life is such a blessing.

Black Entrepreneur Woman BabyFlo Cosmetics Jasmine Todd

How do you draw on your athletic spirit to help drive your entrepreneurial endeavors?

Using my athletic spirit was very easy. Business is all competition. You have to market correctly, you have to compete with prices, you have to show why should the people chose your product over others. And all those characteristics are when we show on the track and as a professional. You must mark yourself for shoe brands, you compete in meets for a spot to be number one, and you have to prove to the shoe brands, fans and supporters why they should support you.

Oregon Alumni Long Jumper Jasmine Todd

Jasmine Todd was an All-American Sprinter and Jumper at the University of Oregon

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Can we expect to see future from BabyFlo?

You can expect to see bold color lipsticks (because that is what I’m known for). In the future we will expand from just lipsticks to more cosmetics such as eyeshadow, lip liner, high lights, body highlights etc.

Babyflo cosmetics lip color jasmine todd

BabyFlo's line of fierce souful lip color

Of course we can't not have a "Track Question"! What excites you about your potential as you launch your training path towards the 2020 Games?

I can’t wait until the 2020 games! I’m excited to make that team and make some training changes! I’ve been counted out and I can’t wait to sneak back in the picture as a threat along side with my training partner. We are ready to shake up some things on the track and on the field together.

world champion sprinter Jasmine Todd Beijing

As a Silver Medalist at the 2015 Beijing World Championships, Jasmine has the talent, focus and determination to succeed.


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We think anyone aware of the competitive spirit it takes to be a world class athlete as well as striving entrepreneur would be hard pressed to count out Jasmine Todd! We are looking forward to great things ahead for her out on the oval office as well as the corner office of BabyFlo!!



Babyflo Cosmetics IndieBrand
Black Model Jasmine Todd Babyflo Cosmetics






Ion Performance Sprinter Jasmine Todd World Champion

Poise and Performance...brought to you by iON Performance

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