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We recently had an awesome opportunity to link up with Athletic Trainer, David Peele of Velocity Sports NYC. We are inspired by his story of evolving his life-long love of sports into a career he loves!


I’ve been a fan of sports for a while, but I’ve always loved science since 7th grade and I knew if I ever wanted to do something as a career it had to revolve around science. In College, I decided to major in Pharmacy. The only thing was, after seeing one of my roommates already in the pharmaceutical program looking like one of the walking dead zombies from a lot of studying and test taking, not to mention a freeze in the Pharmacy program, made me re-think my major on a whole, so my decision was to go undecided until I found a major I wanted to pursue.

Athletic Trainer David Afolabi Peele at Velocity Sports NYC
New York City Athletic Trainer Afolabi

I remember I went to a basketball game and saw an athlete get injured, and a person in khakis in a polo ran on the court to take care of the athlete. I had never seen anything like that before and was intrigued. So after the game, I snuck down to ask questions. I asked the person "Excuse me sir who are you?" He replied, "Athletic Trainer." I asked "Did you have to go to college for it? How do you become one? " He replied that all I have to do was find out if my College had Sports Medicine.


Afolabi provides simple tips on addressing plantar faciitis

I went back, did my research and found LIUn(Long Island University) had a Sports Medicine program and the rest was history. In 2012, I graduated from LIU Brooklyn with both Masters and Bachelors in Sports Medicine/ Athletic Training and was blessed with a job in my career at Monroe College.

Throughout my years at Monroe College, I learned how to be a great Athletic Trainer. I learned a lot via trial and error, but it was all worth it. I had my own style and was taking care of athletes and seeing positive results from taking care of them. This motivated me more to learn by reading articles and taking continuing education courses to stay current in recent developments in Sports Medicine.


In 2014, motivated by a genuine concern for my athletes, I created a blog page on Facebook entitled, "Athletic Training World According To Afolabi" My goal is to provide information that is easy to read and understand, leaving athletes and blog fans with a clear understanding of their physical condition. Each blog post combines my expertise with the love for taking care of sports players/General population.

David A Peele, MS, ATC, LAT

Athletic Trainer

Velocity Sports

We will look to hear more from David and in the meantime, check out his blog post!

Learn more about David at :

Athletic Training Wolrd according to Afolabi

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