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New York born world class track athlete and member of the Puerto Rico National Team, Pariis Garciia shares her love for the land of her roots.

Pariis Garcia Puerto Rico Track Athlete

My name is Pariis Garcia. I am 22 years old and I run for the Puerto Rican Athletics national team. I first competed for Puerto Rico during my junior year of college in 2015. It was also the year I began to notice great potential in myself as a track and field athlete. After winning the 2015 Big East Conference Championship in the 400m , I didn’t know my track and field experience could get any better. The day the Puerto Rican Athletics Federation called me to compete in the Pan American Games was euphoric. I hung up the phone, fell to my knees, immediately started crying and thanking God for what He was doing in my life.

Pariis Garcia winning 2015 Big East Championship track

Pariis Garcia winning the 2015 Big East Championship

Initially, my love for Puerto Rico was for my roots, knowing where my family came from and knowing how I came to be who I am. A love of the culture. Since competing all over the world in a Puerto Rican uniform, I began to develop a different love. During my many visits home since the Pan American Games, I fell in love with the people living there. I was able to see more of my beautiful country. A sense of ownership and pride has developed in me.

Ocean Breeze Grand Prix: Pariis Garcia wins 300

This is the home of my family and now feels like my own. I love Puerto Rico. My only wish is to make the country proud as I continue my athletics career, running for this beautiful land.

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IG: @Pariis_alysia and @FitCurls_

puerto rico help families of hurricane maria

puerto rico help families of hurricane maria


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