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Poise + Performance: Stay Encouraged...

This week, we had the great opportunity to catch up with aspiring track and field sprinter Antoinette Padilla. She is a driven athlete who despite the challenges that may distract her from her goal, remains encouraged and perseveres towards her dreams. We asked her how she does it...

I always dreamed of becoming an Olympian or World Champion I looked up to many athletes as role model. One was FloJo. I studied her races and I said I wanted to become just like her. My road was not easy. I found myself not getting where I want to be. Yes at times I felt like giving up. I would question myself is this worth it. It was back in 2008 I ran my first pro race 60m dash against Christie Gaines at the New Balance Games. I was training for Beijing Olympics that year. I thought I had the right coach but I did't. I missed qualifying for Beijing. Yes I was discouraged.

"You fall or fail many times. You keep getting up. You keep going. You Stand" Antoinette Padilla

I said to my inner self keep going. I trained and competed I missed London 2012. I missed Rio 2016. I kept going.. The big blow was finally I missed London World Champs 2017 . Mentally yes I am fried. But I said to myself I want this I want this bad. I am going for it still yes the World Indoor Championships and Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I had minor setbacks injuries that caused me to miss Rio 2016. I broke my foot October 2015. February 2016 of that year I said go for it Rio is in my grasp. I ran two pro races that year one internationally in Bermuda April 2016 which was my first race and season opener and one in Colorado I believe in May 2016 against Muna Lee in the 100m dash.


Elite athlete, Antoinette Padilla shares her gifts as a Master Trainer and Founder at Extreme Fitness & Nutrition


My mental toughness is what kept me in the game to be where I am today. I didn't let my pride get to me. I started coaching myself in 2015. I went through alot. I never found a coach. I still don't have a coach. I make the best of it. You fall or fail many times. You keep getting up. You keep going. You stand. God is not done with me yet!


Antoinette Padilla in the 60m dash at the New Balance Armory!


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