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Recovery Tips from an athlete

It’s Monday… It’s one of the toughest days of the week. You already know that your weight room session is going to be tough with squats. On top of that, you know that your track coach wants you to do those repeat 500s, which you have been dreading to do all season. We all know it has to get done to be the best!

Woman Track Athlete Olivia Ekpone Sprinter

Olivia Ekpone is a professional track athlete who works hard and knows the importance of preparation and recovery.


So how do we recover sore muscles from those tough days?

It may sound cliché, but drinking plenty of water is essential for recovery. I drink about a gallon and half a day! Water sometimes can be boring to drink, and I get that. To mix it up, add fruits to make infused water! I love adding lemons, strawberries, and mint. You can also try it with cucumbers, raspberries, limes, ginger, and other fruits. I also drink water that is full of electrolytes to help prevent cramping.

How does foam rolling with a lacrosse ball sound? Painful yes, but you will be happy you did it. I love using a lacrosse ball because it’s small and hard enough to get those hard to reach areas. Try foam rolling for 20 to 30 minutes a day, preferably after practice to loosen those tight muscles and knots in your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and lower back.



Magnesium Epsom Salt Recovery Bath Soak ion performance therapy

Get those bags of ice ready! We all dread them. In my ice baths, I make sure to use iON to recover and recharge for my next hard training day and competitions. iON helps me to relieve muscle pain and inflammation while using natural ingredients and oils.

Finally, it is imperative for athletes to have a well balanced diet and getting about eight hours of sleep. Remember the body needs to receive the proper nutrition and rest in order to function and recover properly.

Doing these few steps will help you recover quickly from those grueling tough training days and competitions. When the next time - Monday or the tough competition comes around; you will be recovered and ready to go!

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