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Poise and Performance | In the Spirit of fun! | Dianne DeOliveira

This week we were able to track down runner, coach and trainer Dianne DeOliveira, Founder and Head Coach of the Bella N Motion Track Team!


What Inspires You?

The women in my group, Bella N Motion! Helping someone progress from walking/running to completing their first 5k, Half Marathon, Marathon or track goals and seeing them gain confidence and reach beyond what they thought they were capable of doing.

What is your current season goal?

I always to try and perform my best at whatever distance I am racing and set an example for the women I train with and coach.

Masters Track Runner Dianne DeOliveira USATFNJ

Dianne DeOliveira, Masters Athlete, Coach, Entrepreneur and Champion!

What is the most significant challenge you face in achieving your goal?

Pushing my limits without getting injured!

What inspired you to start Bella N Motion?

I started Bella N Motion because there were already established running clubs in the Jersey Shore area, but none just for females or that supported competitive Masters women. Bella N Motion is for all types of female runners, all ages and levels, from beginner to elite. The youngest is 11 and the oldest is 72. We have all ages in between! The more advanced runners compete in national meets and races.

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What is a technical aspect of your sport you are focusing on or have previously improved?

Baton passes! We are working on smoother transitions to cut down our overall relay times. I'm always working on arm swing too!

What is your approach to Recovery?

iON Perfomance Soak! Also, knowing your body and when it's time to back off training or take additional rest days.

Please share an inspirational word or pearl of advice for athletes who may view your feature!

Don't doubt yourself. If you've done the work, you'll achieve the result you want. I also like being underestimated for motivation: if you didn't know before a race, you will when it's over!

Bellas N Motion at USATF Championships

I hear the Bellas are also hosting a track camp for youth, the B N Motion Running Camp! Sounds Exciting!

What was the motivation behind starting B N Motion Running Camp?

To inspire kids to get outside, to try running and to see that it can be fun!

What are some of the key challenges kids face regarding staying fit?

The popularity of playing video games with friends online.

What can the kids expect to learn at the camp?

Running mechanics/form

Proper stretching techniques

Basic hydration and nutrition tips

Bellas N Motion Running Camp

The kids will be in great hands as Dianne herself will be conducting the camp, , a USATF Level 1 Track & Field coach, AHA certified in CPR and First Aid, Owner of Bella N Motion USATF club, Masters runner with World and National Rankings, Middle Tennessee State University All-time Performer, Toms River Athletic Hall of Fame for Cross Country and Track & Field

Learn more about Dianne and the Bellas at:

Twitter: @dianned13 and @bellanmotion on




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Master Track Lady Runners Bellas N Motion

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