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Poise + Performance: Malcolm King

Meet Canadian Sprinter, Malcolm King. Chasing Olympic dreams with passion and perseverance.


What sports do you compete in?

My athletic background is track and field, I am a Canadian track and field sprinter. The track events I compete in are the 100m, 200m and 400m dash.

What Inspires You?

I find inspiration in many things and in a variety of people, but what inspires me the most, is the challenges that always seem to come my way. My biggest inspiration is challenging myself to overcome obstacles, no matter how hard they can get. Although challenges can be somewhat of a distraction, analyzing and coming up with creative ways to improve something that I may find overwhelming, can inspire me to be a better version of myself.

"Don't give up. No matter how hard things get." ~ Malcolm King

What's your specific athletic goal for this year?

My current season goal is to be in the best physical and mental state possible, to compete in the upcoming track season, and eventually the 2021 summer Olympic games, in Tokyo Japan. Track and field is not just about running fast, it’s about being mentally and physically prepared to run at your best. Being the best version of myself for my track season, includes being mentally grounded to overcome the challenges I will face, and managing my stress efficiently and effectively. Having good mental health is just as much of a priority to me as my physical well-being.

What is the most significant challenge you are facing in reaching your goal?

The most significant challenge I face in achieving my current season goal of being in the best physical and mental state, has been COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful and overwhelming on all of us, but as an athlete it has affected the way I train, disrupted my routine, and the ways in which I am able to take care of myself mentally. Being able to train and stay active has required a lot of resiliency and smart tactics to help decrease in the spread of the virus. Adjusting to the new normal of the ways in which I have to train, has required a lot of perseverance and patience but my ability to adapt to change, has aided me during this challenging time.

What is a technical aspect of your sport you are focusing on or have previously improved?

Some technical aspects of my sport that I have improved and continue to focus on is my flexibility/ mobility and my sleeping habits to help strengthen a previous injury to my psoas muscle. Working on my flexibility/ mobility increases my range of motion which will aid in the prevention of future injuries, and getting an adequate amount of sleep is crucial in repairing my body after a tough workout. My continual focus on these areas will improve my athleticism and will enhance my overall performance on the track.

Any words of advice for young, aspiring athletes?

Advice I would give to athletes is to not give up, no matter how hard things get. One of my favorite quotes from Michael Jordan is “Never say never because limits, like fear, are often just illusions”.

Fit woman, Samantha Bowe doing a handstand outside

"Advice I would give to athletes is to not give up, no matter how hard things get"

~ Malcolm King

What is your approach to Recovery?

When it comes to recovery my approach is simple, I listen to my body and focus on self-care. Knowing when to not overwork and push myself is important because recovery is important, it gives my body time to repair and strengthen itself. Focusing on self-care includes seeing my massage therapist, and at home bath soaks which are necessary for my recovery.

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