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Poise + Performance: Mariah Toussaint

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Meet Dominican Athlete, Mariah Toussaint . Leaping toward new heights and overcoming barriers in her quest for Tokyo 2021!


What excites you about training for Tokyo 2021?

Training for Tokyo 2021 is exciting to me because I have moved to an entirely different state, GA and because of the pandemic didn’t get to train properly or compete in 2020 so getting that full chance to now this year excites me, especially because I’m looking forward to new personal bests

Have you had to adjust your training schedule or approach due to the delay and pandemic?

Yes. Last year I didn’t even really get a chance to train at all, I was able to do at home workouts but when it came to lifting or being on the track in New Jersey nothing was open for about 8-9 months, so I lost a little bit of development but I have been on track this year to get back and have been back in the weight room and on the track daily

What's your specific athletic goal for this year?

My specific athletic goals for this year is to get faster in the 100m and 200m by beating my personal bests of 12.00s and 24.13s respectively. I also want to qualify for the Olympics in long jump by hitting the A standard for my country Dominica and just general improvement overall

Mariah competed for her home country of Dominica in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and is focused on representing again at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games!

What is the most significant challenge you are facing in reaching your goal?

The most significant challenge in hitting my goals is that I have never been close to the standard so it will take a huge personal best to get there and a lot of extra push to reach a goal that isn’t so easy

What approaches are you taking to overcome the challenge?

I am training with a former Olympic long jumper who has reached the mark that I want to, so by me training with/under her I am pushing myself beyond what I would normally do. I get to experience her everyday workouts and apply it to myself to hit the goal that I want.

Any words of advice for young, aspiring athletes? Trust the process always, it’s about making the little things like lifting, warmup, practicing, and recovery important when you want to get to a higher standard. Don’t focus on the bad days, but learn from them

What inspired you to create MT Fitness?

I have been a personal trainer for 9 years now and have worked in big box gyms, smaller gyms, on my own and just have learned a lot over the years about fitness. I realized that a lot of people don’t really understand how to maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle and I created MT Fitness to show that there is a way to live in balance and moderation to become a healthy individual

What is unique about MT Fitness?

MT Fitness is about the person as a whole, I want you to learn about how movements affect your everyday life from your mental health, to your physical health and your general well being. I teach you how to learn to love pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and to maintain a healthy relationship with food and movement throughout your life in a positive way

What's been the most fulfilling client experience that you've had?

One of my clients initially wanted to start working out so she could look good in her wedding dress, but as we began working with each other she saw that not only was she slimming down, but she began to enjoy moving a lot more and working out became a stress reliever for her. She came in with a positive attitude and left ready to conquer the day. She enjoyed it so much that she invited her sister and now they both continue to workout and move as much as they can. It’s inspiring to know that you can help someone to develop healthier habits daily.

Has your athletic background helped you become a better entrepreneur?

Yes my athletic background has helped me become a better entrepreneur because I have learned to stay determined about my passions and to not give up when something seems hard. Also learning from others/coaches is something I’ve always done and I apply this to my business as well. Plus being active and understanding what it’s like to be on the side of someone who works out I know first hand what some problems clients may have or questions and am able to give them my personal opinion about it

What is the most significant challenge you face in achieving your goal?

Overcoming mental barriers.

Fit woman, Samantha Bowe doing a handstand outside

How are you working to overcome your mental barriers?

I’m working to overcome mental barriers by maintaining sight of my goals on and off the track. I find setting goals and writing them down keep me focused on the things I want to accomplish. Setting my sights on goals I plan to attain help me keep myself focused on the ultimate reason why I am in this sport and fitness- to be my best self.

What is a technical aspect of your sport you are focusing on or have previously improved?

I really am focusing on technique through the finish when my body is tired but I still have to execute proper form.

What is your approach to Recovery?

I think recovery should be taken as serious as training. At times I fail to realize this and put off things I know I need to do to sustain physical health. Nutrition, self treatment and massages are so important to an athletes’ recovery and must be treated as such in a regular basis.

Mariah Toussant, the Beauty Contestant!

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