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Updated: Dec 30, 2022

When we’re playing a sport, we often have external encouragement, from teammates, coaches, friends, and family. But when we’re injured, we may be missing that encouragement when we need it most. If you’ve been feeling frustrated with the rehab process, I hope these reminders give you the little boost you need!

  1. Progress Isn't Linear No matter what a post-op protocol (or WebMD) may lead you to believe, the things you perceive as setbacks are more common than you think, and they don't mean you're behind schedule, weak, or that something is wrong. Try to think of the timelines you see as guidelines, not deadlines!

  2. Sensation Is Communication Get curious about what your body is trying to tell you! Instead of the immediate reaction of frustration when you experience pain, discomfort, or tightness, acknowledge that you've received the message and spend some time (with your trainer, coach or physical therapist if you'd like) interpreting it.

  1. You're Not Crazy It's not talked about a lot, but injuries can have a huge emotional impact on us - they alter our ability to do the physical activities we love, and can affect our social and family life too. This can be especially tough for you if you have a chronic injury, or if you have a long road ahead of you post-surgery.


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3. No Goal Is Unimportant Your insurance company might be concerned with your ability to walk 10 blocks or sit for 30 minutes. But dancing at a party, picking up your child, or hiking on vacation are just as important! In order to truly recover from an injury, the activities that are most important to you have to be addressed, and they're always worth bringing up during rehab. If you're currently rehabbing an injury, or know someone who is, I hope these tips help you through the rough spots and plateaus - please know that everyone has them, and that you will get through them!

Erica Marcano, MS ATC, CSCS

The Notorious ATC

Reconnecting athletes with their strongest, most capable selves, and keeping injury from becoming identity!

Erica Marcano, MS ATC, CSCS, also known as The Notorious ATC, is certified Athletic Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Specialist with 15 years of experience in her field. She currently coaches clients in person throughout Brooklyn & NYC, and due to recent events, now sees clients virtually as well. Learn more about Erica and her holistic fitness practice here. 


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