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Poise and Performance | Natasha Hastings | Gifting Confidence in Sport and life

Natasha Hastings Founder The Natasha Hastings Cares Foundation

This week we feature our friend, Olympian, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Motivator, Natasha Hastings, as she shares her vision behind her latest endeavor, The Natasha Hastings Foundation and their work to instill poise and confidence in young women.


What was your motivation behind founding the Natasha Hastings Foundation?

I thought back on my experiences through sport, and things I wish I had access to. I had my struggles and obstacles to overcome along the way, but I have no memory of any Olympian coming back and sharing their stories. There were so many things that I had to learn along the way and in my adult life that I felt it was important to create a way to be a resource for young girls now.


"OUR MISSION: Be a starting block for girls to become women of confidence in sport and life." ~ The Natasha Hastings Foundation


Can you share a memory from your youth track years where someone similarly inspired you or helped you toward your goals?

Unfortunately, I don't have one of these memories, which is why it's so important to me to give back and pay it forward to the next generation. The closest interaction I had with a professional athlete as a youth, was watching them compete at the Milrose Games or at the Armory.

What is the objective of the Gala?

Our objective for the evening is to raise funds to send 5 deserving girls to high school nationals next year. Each scholarship is worth $1000, and we hope to raise these funds by way of ticket sales, silent auction items, and donations. The Natasha Hastings Foundation is a registered 501c3, so all donations received are tax deductible.

Natasha Hastings Foundation Tea Time

What is one tip you can provide to younger athletes considering expanding their brands or careers beyond their sport?

Be self aware and know what you want to represent. We live in a world of social media and "instant' gratification. Know that once you put something out into the world, there's no taking it back.

Olympians Natasha Hastings Inaugural Tea Time Gala || Jovi Beauty


Natasha is also hosting her second annual Tea Time with Tasha event. An inspiring workshop and motivational discussion for young women!

Register below!

Tea Time with Tasha Natasha Hastings Foundation

What drives you to continue to pursue your potential on the track?

Knowing that there is more in the tank. I think there's still some left in the tank, and believe I can lower my PB's some more before retiring.

Follow Natasha and watch her continue her path to greater achievements in life and sport!

Olympian Natasha Hastings



Find out more about the Natasha Hastings Foundation, Donate and Support!

Natasha Hastings Foundation


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