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Poise and Performance | Motivator, Coach Ric says "Manners Still Matter"

The golden rules. We all became aware of them as children. Be nice. Be honest. Tell the truth. Be kind. Etc. As we get older our vocabulary expands. Be patient. Be discerning . Be compassionate. Be trustworthy. Live in integrity and transparency. Over the last 19 years my career has evolved from fitness trainer to sports performance coach to mentor and now business owner. The lessons of athletics and competition drive me everyday. It's one of the greatest blessing in my life to help people with amazing athletic gifts maximize them whether on or off the field .

Ric Donaldson, Athletic Sports Performance, Personal Training, Speed Performance Specialist

Athletes in particular are gifted and also at times fragile and insecure. Living in world where all eyes and attention are on them. Not knowing if it's genuine. Discernment is key for when you're the center of attention in the room, you need to know who shouldn't be in the room with you.

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Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Patience.All attributes that are timeless and should be worn as your uniform you'd wear before athletic competition. The stakes are too high to not be aware of your surroundings especially inside your own head. To thine own self be true is one of my favorite phrases. Once you know your core values you make decisions based on that. Just be sure they match up with the "Golden Rules".

Ric Donaldson is a Sport and Speed Performance Specialist based in Brooklyn, New York City and founder of NK Performance System and Team Fight and Flight

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