Preparation for Prime Time. How to properly warmup and prep the muscles for performance.

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Many athletes develop their habits and workout routines very early on, without a lot of background on the why. This also applies to an element of the workouts that's been around a long time...the Warm Up! We chatted with Athletic Trainer, David Afolabi Peele to get grounded on the basics of a warmup and preparation for performance.

Dave, what's your basic approach to the warmup?

Well with any sports teams/programs I work with I tell the athletes warm up to practice don’t practice to warm up. Meaning before any practice or game the athlete should do an active warm up (bike, jog, mobility movement etc) then do a dynamic stretch(stretching with movement) by doing this you’re preparing the muscles for the sports specific activity that’s needed to be performed.

What actually is a "warmup" what does it do for the body?

A warm up is getting blood flow to the muscles so they are able to expand and contract properly to reduce the risk of injuries occurring. This warm up is active and can be done with stationary bike, jog(laps), mobility movement, and dynamic stretching(stretching with movement). By doing this you are prepping the muscles for the specific activity you have to do.

What is a rub down or shake out? How does it help the muscles?

A shakeout with my experience with track teams that’s similar to a cool down, so let’s use track as an example. After an intense workout/ meet or practice, the cool down or shake out your basically letting the body know it’s time to rest.

AFOLABI uses iON Charge Rub to aid in body work on his athletes

"Two of the many favorite things my athletes like is when I use the ION + Charge sports rub for recovery when I do the sports/ trigger point massage and the iON Bath soak for the ice bath regiment."

So what would be considered a cool down?

A light jog/walk , static stretching (stretch and hold no movement, the opposite of a dynamic stretch) and proper breathing mechanics with the static stretching to regulate the heart rhythm and blood pressure.

Rub down, is a light therapeutic massage (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A SPA MASSAGE) to stimulate the muscles after an intense competition follow by some passive static stretching, passive meaning I’m doing the static stretching for the athlete. I usually do this for the athlete the next day as well as part of my recovery method followed by foam rolling, mobility, muscle re-education and ice bath. Two of the many favorite things my athletes like is when I use the iON + Charge sports rub for recovery when I do the sports/ trigger point massage and the iON Bath soak for the ice bath regiment.


AFOLABI THE Entrepreneur!

Dave has also leveraged his experience to develop a unique line of athletic sanitizers!

How did you come up with the idea for sanitizers?

  • During the pandemic I wasn’t able to work, I was out of a job all college sports programs were canceled. Me personally I didn’t want to fall victim to the pandemic, so I was constantly trying to figure out a way to still use my athletic training platform to generate some income.

  • Hearing about shortage of paper towels, food, hand sanitizer etc. the hand sanitizer is what caught my eye because it’s an untapped market. Also hearing people complain about the make shift hand sanitizers that was being sold, it left a sticky residue, bad order, dried out the skin. So I looked up the ingredients and decided to make my own.

Tell us about your assortment!

  • My hand sanitizers come in different scents. I use all natural ingredients and infuse the hand sanitizers with essential oils. No Harsh smells, No sticky or slime residue and No Chemicals.

How can someone purchase?

  • You can dm me on my IG business page @atworldafolabi. I’m currently working on making a website(coming real soon!!) where y