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Power of M.O.M. Embracing the power of motherhood with Olympic Sprinter, Natasha Hastings!


When you first learned that you would become a mother, did you have any concerns about how to balance motherhood with your athletic career?

I definitely feared balancing motherhood with my career. I feared I would not have the support of my sponsors while also wondering how I would train at the necessary level I need to while being a full time mom. I did not imagine becoming a mother before retiring from track, so this was a major fear.

How did you prepare for maintaining your fitness level throughout your pregnancy? Were there any helpful resources you found that you'd like to share?

My doctors and my coaches were my first responders. We immediately made sure to safely continue my activity levels. Mr doctors encouraged me to continue training and listen to my body. The Human Performance Dept at Under Armour also helped to tailor a program for me that would prepare me for delivery and postpartum recovery.

What is a word of advice you might give a mom-to-be as they are early in pregnancy and hoping to maintain their fitness?

"Listen to your body, and take it day by day."

Were there personal or emotional challenges that you have faced during pregnancy?

I was not particularly happy during my pregnancy. I hid my pregnancy for about 5 months, so I felt like I couldn’t truly enjoy the experience. I was also very afraid of becoming a mother and what it would entail. I feared being inadequate while also wondering about our future such as childcare, health insurance, etc.

How do you feel about the social "norms" or perceptions of motherhood and athletes? Is there anything you'd like to change in terms of the conversation or social support for Mom/Athletes?