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Poise + Performance: Jess Kidd

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Meet Boxer, Spartan Warrior and Ultra Racer Jess Kidd and community hero in her own right, striving for her best self and lifting others in the process!


What Sports/Fitness Activities do you compete in?

Elite Spartan racer and obstacle course racer (Tough Mudder Ambassador), amateur boxer, then basic athlete racing: ultras, cycling events, other obstacle races.. you name it, I’m probably doing it.

What Inspires You?

Motivating others to be their best by being my best. Being the example and putting myself out there lights a fire under me, knowing I’m the example for others drives me to be my best self.


Jess also walks the walk when it comes to serving others.

As the Chair of the Board of Directors of Paradigm One Recovery Community Center, Jess and Geno Shvedov, Founder, have developed a one of a kind non-profit Recovery Community Center that provides community support, services, and advocacy for adults and youth recovering from substance abuse, mental health disorders, homelessness, and re-entry challenges associated with the criminal justice system.



What's your specific athletic goal for this year?

Qualifying for the Spartan ultra (24 hour) world championships in October. Fight again (boxing).

What is the most significant challenge you are facing in reaching your goal?

Funding and sponsors! All of the races require travel, so finding sponsors for each is necessary. For boxing, the time to train between all other training and work. Patience, to learn the foundation needed to walk into a fight.

With Jess Kidd, there is no Try...only Do!

What is a technical aspect of your sport you are focusing on or have previously improved?

Running is a constant struggle because I haven’t found the true love for it yet. I’m decent enough to get through races, if I actually trained.. the possibilities are endless! Breathing is probably what I need to focus on.

What is your approach to Recovery? As much as possible! If I can do it myself that’s the best, financially it can be tough. Sleep, massage, tools like compression boots, Epsom salt baths, hyper volt gun.. stretching, rolling.


Any words of advice for young, aspiring athletes? I’ve learned more about myself on the race course than any place else. And it all directly applies to life. Use each event as an opportunity to ‘take out the trash’ in your head. Crossing the finish line isn’t just about receiving a finishers medal, but to gain a new perspective or to sharpen a tool in your belt for the next life situation or race.

"Crossing the finish line isn’t just about receiving a finishers medal, but to gain a new perspective " ~ Jess Kidd

Samantha Dirks Track Athlete

Follow Jess!

Twitter @invictusjess

About Jess

Jess Kidd is Chair of the Board of Directors of Paradigm One and also serves on the Board of Directors for Range of Motion Project, providing mobility to amputees without access or resources. Jess is a CCAR Recovery Coach, Spartan SGX Coach, Tough Mudder Ambassador and Coach, is a WBFF Pro Fitness competitor and a Elite Spartan Competitor, to name a few!

Jess Kidd

SGX Coach, CPT, S&C, Nutrition & Life Coach

CCAR Recovery Coach


Prime like a Warrior!

"Salt baths are incredible. With endurance sports and the rough races I do, they are necessary for recovery! I use iON the night after a race and my recovery time is significantly reduced. So much that I can successfully do back to back races (Saturday and Sunday, Spartans for example) " ~ Jess Kidd

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