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Poise + Performance: Duo Dynamic

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Meet Sam and Sam. Athletes turned Fitness Pro's, Samantha Bowe and Sammy Evans are the dynamic duo that have partnered to form Drip by Sam. A Fitness startup designed to bring out the inner athlete in the clients they serve! It seems like it was destiny for them to meet and change the world by changing lives.

How did the two "Sam's" meet? 

We actually competed against each other in the first round of the NCAA's in 2016 in Kansas City. We both were competing in the long jump, but we officially met actually at a gym we were both training at out here in Arizona. 

What inspired the name, Drip by Sam? We wanted something that was in with the times and would also make sense at any point in the future. The word drip can represent anything from a diamond (jewelry/swagger/being cut) to also meaning a drip of sweat from working out, which our clients quickly find out after one of our HIIT workouts!

What elements of your athletic careers do you draw on for success in your business?  Every element. First and foremost our work ethic and our discipline. Being athletes our whole lives has taught us that you have to put the work in order to get the results. Something we heavily express to our clients. We are naturally competitive, which is beneficial to us especially being in this very saturated market. We will stand out because of our competitive nature to be the best at what we do. 

What's one thing you'd like to see change in the fitness industry? Having more qualified people in the field who actually know what they are doing. The standards need to be more strict. This industry is being diluted when there are trainers who aren't qualified to do this job. The general population doesn't know who is qualified versus who is not because social media does an amazing job at creating a facade.

This can result in clients getting hurt, clients developing unhealthy habits to lose weight quickly, and body image issues because they feel an unrealistic pressure to look a certain way.  

What's been one of your toughest client challenges?  The toughest client challenge is getting people to buy in and actually start our program because there are so many out there to choose from. As well as managing to keep people motivated through an app versus face to face contact. 

You guys seem like best friends! Can you share something no-one else knows about the other!...Or what do you admire most about your partner...or answer both! lol  Something no one else knows about Sam is that she was a level 10 gymnast and could have competed in college in gymnastics, but she chose track. With track the university made her into a heptathlete and she didn't know how to do 6 out of the 7 events and ended up being highly competitive in the heptathlon in her conference. 

Fit woman, Samantha Bowe doing a handstand outside

Something no one else knows about Sammy is that she is a baked goods connoisseur. She loves to bake her own bread, pies, treats and everything in between!

Only downside is that when you are training for the Olympics you can't eat the baked goods like she would want to! What are your personal fitness or athletic goals for this year?  Sammy's personal fitness goals go hand in hand with her athletic goals. She is training for the now 2021 Olympics and that requires her to stay lean and as strong as she can be in order to have a successful and healthy track season. Sam's personal fitness goals are much like the normal population. To stay fit and healthy in order to maintain her physique to be a good example for Drip by Sam's clients.

Are there any specials or upcoming events you'd like to share with the audience?

Once COVID lifts we are working on a couple of in person events out here in Arizona. So cross your fingers we can make these happen sooner than later! Otherwise always be on the lookout for new deals, fresh content and free workouts especially around the holidays. 

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