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Poise + Performance: Chidi Okezie

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Meet Chidi Okezie, setting pace in the next generation of great Nigerian Sprinters!


What Inspires You?

Being able to make an impact in the world. Seeing the next generation following my footsteps.

What's your specific athletic goal for this year?

Qualify for the Olympics and win the African Championships

What is the most significant challenge you are facing in reaching your goal?

Getting the proper treatment and recovery tools to be able to take training to the next level.

How does it feel to represent Nigeria?

Running for Nigeria has been an interesting journey. I learned a lot about myself and trusting the process. Nigeria as a whole is about to do great things!



Nigeria is indeed poised to do great things as Chidi is among several other Nigerian Sprinters posting times in the top 50 in the world including such standouts as Blessing OKAGBARE, Enoch ADEGOKE, Nzubechi Grace NWOKOCHA, Favour Oghenetejiri ASHE, Divine ODUDURU, Nzubechi Grace NWOKOCHA, Alaba Olukunle AKINTOLA, Amarachukwu Jecinta OBI.


National Sports Festival Edo 2020 - Chidi Okezie wins Men’s 400m Final in 45.60 secs.

What is a technical aspect of your sport you are focusing on or have previously improved?

My turnover is something that me and my coach have been focusing on this season. Some of the the things I do to help my turnover and speed are strengthening my core and hip flexors. Indoor I ran a lot of 60m and 200m races and it has helped my turnover a lot!

Any words of advice for young, aspiring athletes? Believe in yourself first and everything will fall into place.

Fit woman, Samantha Bowe doing a handstand outside

"Believe in yourself first, then everything else will fall into place." ~ Chidi

What is your approach to Recovery?

Recovery is key. I believe with the proper recovery plan your body will be able to bounce back quicker and you will be able to train harder. I try to take an Epsom salt or ice bath weekly.

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Samantha Dirks Track Athlete


Care for your body like Chidi!

"One thing I love about ION is that they make it easier to recover. Their products are straight forward, self explanatory and natural. " ~ Chidi

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