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Personal Care for the Athlete


Proper Care = Prime Performance

iON Performance is dedicated to developing personal care solutions that meet the functional and lifestyle needs of the athlete and active people. We believe proper care is the path to optimal performance.


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I saw the both at Penn Relays and didn't think anything about it. This past weekend my daughter was competing her school's league track and field championships. She was going to run in 3 events and possibly 6 races. I knew it would be tough for to perform with little rest in-between the races. So I purchased Ion. I was amazed at how quickly I received the product. She follow the direction soak night before and morning of. After her first race she told me "she had a lot in the tank!" She went on to run 5 more races winning two championships and runner up in another. So that's my testimony...period

Andre Jackson

I lift pretty heavy on a regular basis and have just recently begun to take time for some self-care. My regimen includes a bi-weekly deep tissue massage followed by a good ion soak bath. Love it

Joe Jones, Personal Trainer, Dualthlete, Track & Field Hurdler

I have been using your product for post workout tub soaks...and have found it takes a lot of the soreness out of my joints and muscles. I do recommend your epsom mixture to athletes like myself<br>thanks Greg Pizza Masters Sprinter

Greg Pizza,  Track & Field, Masters Sprinter

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