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As an athlete recovery is just as important as going hard in a training session. iON Performance has a special place in my recovery process.", Kimmi Williams, Olympian

Detox + Clean Pack!

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Train Well, Detox and stay clean with our iON Detox + Clean Pack!


2 iON Detox + Cope 1 lb pouch w/ rosemary, zinc, beet root and magnesium 

4 x iON Detox + Cope 7 oz Travel Packs

1 iON ACT Activated Charcoal Face Cleansing Bar w/ walnut oil, shea butter and tea tree 

1 iON Charge + Sanitize Magnesium sanitizing spray w/witch hazel, aloe and citrus

1 x iON 7 oz Foot Soak w/ antibacterial tea tree and frankincense 

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