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Sometimes the challenges of life provide inspiration for our purpose and passion. Master Trainer, Casaundra Bouldin draws on the challenges of diabetes and dementia to motivate her passion for inspiring higher wellness in the community.

Trainer and Wellness Expert, Casa...

Never give up when things and time gets hard. You must have the mindset to push and persevere when you feel like you can do no more.

Sprinter, Kind Butler 

Kind Butler is a sprinter for whom I hold admiration and pride not only because he hails from two my own alma mater, Indiana's track powerhouse, Lawrence Central H.S. and Indiana University, but he's one of those "self-made" athletes who may have...

Business is all competition. You have to market correctly, you have to compete with prices, you have to show why should the people chose your product over others. And all those characteristics are when we show on the trac

What Inspires You? The women in my group, Bella N Motion! Helping someone progress from walking/running to completing their first 5k, Half Marathon, Marathon or track goals and seeing them gain confidence and reach beyond what they thought they were capable of doing.

This week we had the great pleasure to chat with friends from our beloved Brick City of Newark, startup wellness venture, Brick City Strength! Not just another stellar, hard cranking Cross-fit gym, thought they are that, they are inspired with a mission to kindle a cul...

As I have recently continued laying the foundation for our exciting new startup, iON Performance, I found myself contemplating what the true spirit of the brand is...with the realization that in order for new team members, and consumers, to be as passionate about the b...

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September 26, 2019

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